WMO VACANCY NOTICE NO: 2204 - Scientific Officer (Modelling)

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  • 25 Jul 2022
WMO VACANCY NOTICE NO: 2204 - Scientific Officer (Modelling)


Under the supervision of the Director of the Science and
Innovation Department, the incumbent will perform the following

(a) Keep informed of research developments in, and new
requirements for, the modelling and forecasting of the
atmospheric chemical composition, including high resolution
modelling and digital twins, and the role of atmospheric
composition in the development of the Earth Systems models;

(b) Support the implementation of the Global Atmosphere Watch
(GAW) Programme Implementation Plan and its updates,
working closely with the relevant GAW groups and coordinating
inputs from the other relevant groups within the Science and
Innovation Department;

(c) Support activities for the near-real-time provision of data on
atmospheric composition to models and data assimilation
techniques; support the consideration of the evolving
requirements of numerical weather prediction, air quality
modeling and forecasting systems and the climate models in
GAW and other relevant SI, infrastructure and service
programmes and ensure that the necessary linkages are
established and maintained;

(d) Work closely with the relevant groups of the World Weather
Research Programme and World Climate Research Programme
in relation to the development of multi scale Earth System
models, data assimilation techniques and impact-based
forecasting from the atmospheric composition perspective and
promote joint activities in this area;

(e) Support the development of the emerging atmospheric
composition services related to air quality forecasting (including
through the Global Air Quality Forecasting and Information
System) as well as the activities related to biomass burning
smoke forecasting, volcanic ash and Sand and Dust Storm
Warning and Advisory System in close cooperation with relevant
groups on health, disaster risk reduction and Global Data
Processing and Forecasting System under respective Technical
Commissions of WMO and relevant partners within the UN
System (e.g. World Health Organization and United Nations
Environment Programme and UN Coalition on Combating Sand
and Dust Storms);

(f) Support research activities related to urban meteorology,
climate and air quality and provide inputs to, and establish
connection with, the other urban related activities in WMO (e.g.
for Integrated urban services) and with the activities of the
relevant partners (e.g. UN-Habitat, U4SSC, International
Association for Urban Climate);



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