Focus Group Discussion on YMC IOP Bengkulu, 2 November 2017

  • YMC
  • 17 Nov 2017

A Focus Group Discussion (FGD), as another milestone for the preparation of YMC Intensive Observation Period (IOP) Bengkulu following the Coordination Meeting held on 11 October 2017, had been successfully convened on 2 November 2017. Hosted by BMKG and in collaboration with JAMSTEC and BPPT, the forum provided a platform to share the result of Pre-YMC Campaign in Bengkulu in 2015 and disseminate information concerning the YMC IOP to relevant stakeholders in the province -- what it is, why Bengkulu, what are details of the observation and research planned, and how it is expected to bring greater benefit for Bengkulu people as the outcome. There were four experts who elaborated those subjects in front of the audience, namely, Dr. Urip Haryoko (BMKG), Ir. Yudi Anantasena, M.Sc (BPPT), Dr. Kunio Yoneyama (JAMSTEC), and Dr. Manabu Yamanaka (JAMSTEC).

Representatives from the Bengkulu Regional Office for Disaster Management, Navy, Maritime Search and Rescue, Military Force, Port Transportation Office, and the University of Bengkulu attended the Forum and showed enthusiasm to support the IOP. They provided inputs for BMKG, JAMSTEC, and BPPT on required safety procedures which need attention in ocean and ground observation. Several future research collaboration topics were elaborated with faculty members of the University of Bengkulu as well, in order to ensure the utilization of observation data which will be collected.

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