National Focus Group Discussion (19 June 2017, Bogor, Indonesia)

  • YMC
  • 27 Jul 2017

On 19 June 2017, a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for the preparation of the YMC research campaign was held in Bogor, Indonesia aimed to reiterate the commitment made since the YMC Kick-off Meeting in 2014 and identify feasible research activities nationwide within the YMC five Science Themes, namely Atmospheric Convection, Stratosphere-Troposphere Interaction, Upper-Ocean Processes and Air-Sea Interaction, Aerosol, and Prediction Improvement.

The Forum was hosted by BMKG, and it was opened by BMKG Deputy Director General for Meteorology. The whole 9 national institutions involved (BMKG, BPPT, LAPAN, ITB, IPB, LIPI, ESDM, KKP, Kemenristekdikti) were well represented in this Forum. Presentations from each representatives gave clear descriptions on ongoing and planned research activities related with weather-climate-ocean in each institutions.

Through the intense discussion, the Forum reached a consensus that a national coordination in defining specific national weather-climate model for Indonesian Maritime Continent along with the compatible parameterization is a must. Downscaling, intercomparison, data assimilation, and model verification were steps consented to be taken. In this respect, another FGD will be held for this purpose. Further, the Forum agreed to adopt all institutions' identified research activities as their respective contributions to the YMC. It is also agreed that all activities will be aimed toward the enhancement of weather-climate prediction to reduce impact-based hydrometeorological hazards in the Maritime Continent region.