Second International Science and Planning Workshop on YMC in Jakarta (24 - 26 Nov 2015)

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  • 09 Des 2016
Second International Science and Planning Workshop on YMC in Jakarta (24 - 26 Nov 2015)

The second international YMC workshop was held in November 24-26, 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was hosted by the Agency for Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) of Indonesia. The main objectives of this workshop are to (1) review the progress made in preparation for YMC since the first international YMC workshop held in Singapore, January 28-30, 2015 and hosted by the Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS), and (2) start drafting a YMC Implementation Plan. About 80 people from 12 countries and regions attended the workshop.

In the opening remarks for the workshop, Prof. Edvin Aldrian, Director of Research and Development Center of BMKG, Dr. Andi Eka Sakya, Director General of BMKG, Dr. Zainal Arifin, Deputy for Earth Science of LIPI, and Prof. Wimpie Agoeng Noegroho, Deputy for Natural Resources Development Technology of BPPT all emphasized the importance of YMC to advancement of knowledge and technology, to improvement of weather and climate prediction, to enhancement of societal vigilance and resilience to high-impact weather and climate change, and to capacity building in the MC region. They also pointed out the essence of international collaboration and participation by scientists from MC countries to the success of YMC.

The workshop presentations and discussions covered a broad range of issues related to past, current, and future observations in the MC region, observing and modeling capabilities of the MC countries, funded and planned components of the YMC field campaign, procedure of applying for research permit from Indonesia, and international collaborations during YMC. These and other topics are summarized below. In addition to in situ observations, satellite observations are also important to YMC, which are not included in this summary.


Agenda and Presentations