Interaction of The Madden - Julian Oscillation with Maritime Continent Seminar (17 Nov 2016)

  • YMC
  • 11 Des 2016
Interaction of The Madden - Julian Oscillation with Maritime Continent Seminar (17 Nov 2016)

This seminar was held on November 17, 2016 in BMKG Headquarter Office, Jakarta, Indonesia, followed by 50 participants from BMKG Headquarter officers and Academic students. The participants learned some materials regarding MJO such as :

  1. Global scale atmospheric interaction in maritime islands by Mrs. Ida Pramuwardani- BMKG
  2. Weather forecast with consideration on MJO event by Mrs. Mia Khusnul Khotimah- BMKG
  3. Utilization of Satellite for MJO Monitoring by Mrs. Asri Susilawati- BMKG
  4. Tracking Pulse and Prediction of The MJO by Mr. Yoneyama Kunio - JAMSTEC
  5. Understanding the Role of Maritime Continent in the Global Weather - Climate : Year of the Maritime Continent (YMC) by Mr. Yoneyama Kunio - JAMSTEC

There are some points that should be emphasized from this seminar, which are :

  • The study of impact based weather and climate forecast is needed, especially for MJO event which interacts with tropical weather system in Indonesia Maritime Continent
  • Science, knowledge and ideas related to MJO event from the speakers will be a good reference for making weather and climate forecast to be more precise, faster and effective.
  • Public interest for weather and climate forecast information, demands BMKG to improve the quality of those information. Through this seminar, it can be a reference to improve forecaster capability. It is also recommended to extend others subject seminar, which can improve knowledge of participants. However, It is not easy to frequently held similar seminar and due to limited participants. An alternative solution is developing online course/modules system.
  • Year of Maritime Continent (YMC) is an activity for studying, researching and understanding the role of the Maritime Continent in a sustainable manner for global weather - climate by providing framework for international cooperation in the field of observation and atmospheric-ocean modeling based on establishment of support from participating members. This international event will be held in 2017 - 2018, hosted by Indonesia. This opportunity can be used for developing capacity and improving the quality of Indonesian impact/risk based forecast and early warning system which associated with climate, ocean, and atmospheric condition.